Modern Look and
new Technology -
Radical User Interface
Open Android 7.1 , DAB+, CAN, Bluetooth
Open Android 7.1
Modern Look and
new Technology -
Radical User Interface
Open Android 7.1 , DAB+, CAN, Bluetooth
DAB+ Modul R-C10-DAB

Vehicle specific information containers

Radical’s vehicle-specific Android Infotainer models have been developed for optimal integration into the respective target vehicle. Important for best integration and look in the cockpit are a perfect device fit in the dashboard and a good match of the hard key illumination color to cockpit illumination, provided by the Radical RGB multicolor adjustment option. Perfect fit also means that no additional mounting accessories are needed for the installation, with complete scope of supply incl. all cables and adapters required for the respective vehicle model. Finally, vehicle specific refers not only to the look in the cockpit, but also to the connection to the vehicle CAN of the target vehicles supporting the integration of vehicle functions. Such as connection to the steering wheel remote control, driver information display, reversing camera and more. *1

The modern Radical User Interface

A lot of groundwork was invested into the user interface (“HMI”) of the Radical devices for logical and simple operation of functions and adjustments. This is something which is simple to perceive when using the device. The user interface is an extremely important quality criterion for the daily use, since weaknesses in the operating logic become very annoying with time. For this reason, Radical has put big emphasis on the user interface logic – a well designed infotainer should be almost blind to use while driving. Wherever possible and useful, the intuitive operating method known to Android smartphone owners was retained. Allwinner T8 OctaCore CPU with 2GB RAM and 32GB flash memory All vehicle-specific Radical devices are based on very powerful hardware components. A T8 OctaCore CPU from Allwinner is deployed. This CPU scores with eight processor cores, for a truly high Antutu benchmark. With 2GB of RAM, memory bottlenecks are avoided so all apps and background processes run ultra smooth. Thanks to the internal 32 GB flash memory there is ample space to install almost any number of preferred apps on the device. *2

DVD drive with high file compatibility (only 7 "screen devices)

The Radical models with 7 inch screen size also include a multi-format DVD drive, which can read and play almost all today’s media formats. – Compatible Media / Formats: CD, CD-R / RW, WMA, DVD, DVD ± R, DVD-MP3, AVI, Xvid.

10.1” / 25.9 cm screen display size

The device models without DVD drive feature a large 10.1 inch display screen with touch-sensitive glass surface (“capacitive touch screen”). This screen size offers clear advantages during operation. The larger control panels simply ensure safe operation while driving. For any future models, where the availability of injection tool front panel designs is granted, the deployment of 10.1 inch displays is considered.

Online and offline navigation as desired

The navigation function is as customizable as the rest of the Radical devices. This means that users can install preferred navigation apps or use the EasyConnect app to operate navigation apps already installed on the Android smartphone, mirrored directly on the capacitive touchscreen of Radical device. *3

Pre-installed RADICAL GPS Offline Navigation

If your aim is a to use a powerful “Radical Style” navigation software, tailored for best function with the device, offering an automotive offline navigation experience, you can use the “Radical GPS Navigation by Ndrive” package which is pre-installed on all car specific devices. The navigation package named R-MAPC10 is located on the internal flash memory ex-works and can be unlocked with an optionally available license key code.
The navigation package has been developed by the well-known navigation software developer Ndrive and, together with Radical, and is functionally and graphically adapted to work with Radical units according to our specifications.
RADICAL GPS itself is an offline navigation system, using map data of the digital map provider “Open Street Map”. The package also contains speed cam warning database for various European countries (see item R-MAPC10 for additional information). The offline map package covers 47 European countries. The map data itself and the speed camera detector database come with 3 years map care (“free updates”).


Open Android 7.1 operating system - offline installation of Android apps*2

The vehicle-specific Radical devices use an operating system based on Android 7.1. The user interface of the main menu convinces with its clear Radical graphical design. More importantly, the user interfaces have been optimized for use in the vehicle.
The system is open and allows the individual installation of apps created for Android smartphones*2. This creates a customizable user experience that is very similar to that of an Android smartphone / tablet.

Capacitive TFT touchscreen screen with 1024 x 600p resolution

The 7 inch to 10.1 inch capacitive touch-sensitive display screens come with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, which, in conjunction with the Radical graphics interface, provides sharp presentation of text and pictures with high color brilliance and best contrast.
The touch-sensitive display screen with glass surface makes the operation of apps easy and uncomplicated. The capacitive display is multi-touch capable for apps supporting this function (such as 2-finger sliding, rotating and zooming in and out of the RADICAL GPS navigation map view). OSD menu supports various EU languages (German, English, Italian, French, Spanish etc.), e.g. the language of the user interface can be set to all key EU languages.

Preparation for DAB + module R-C10-DAB

With Radical’s DAB+ Tuner Module R-C10-DAB (sold separately), you can easily and cost-effectively extend your Radical device to enjoy DAB+ digital radio programs in CD like quality and high comfort. The R-C10-DAB module, when connected to the device, offers perfect graphical integration with the RADICAL UI theme, supporting the usual DAB system comfort functions such as: MOT slideshow, Last Station Memory, Comfort Scan, DLS-text, DAB<>DAB service following. Adding the R-C10-DAB tuner is a simple retrofit action. Install DAB+ antenna, connect module to USB port of device > done!

FM RDS Radio

The Radical devices use an FM tuner IC which has been optimized by our dev engineers for the EU reception area. By optimizing the register values of the tuner, the FM reception remains clean and stable also in critical areas of medium to low field strength. The RDS tuner furthermore convinces with comfortable operation, allowing to store 36 radio station presets accessible via two FM band groups.
iVT BC8 Bluetooth module for convenient hands-free calling
Comfortable hands-free operation with phonebook import of up to 1000 contacts, with three phone numbers each, contact search after first letter, editable favorites menu and good voice quality are surely mandatory today. In addition, the integrated Bluetooth module supports wireless music streaming via A2DP with AVRCP 1.3.

EasyConnect integration for Android and iOS smartphones

The preinstalled EasyConnect app makes it possible to mirror an Android smartphone via Wifi or USB port and control the App directly via touch screen. The EasyConnect app can therefore integrate apps installed on the Android smartphone for use on the device. This is interesting for apps where the data on the smartphone should be managed and stored.*3 EasyConnect does also support Apple iPhones. The only restriction is that the apps mirrored on the device screen need to operated on the iPhone directly.

Integrated Wifi module (WLAN IEEE 802.11 b / g / n)

The integrated Wifi module offers the possibility to create a mobile internet access in the vehicle via a smartphone hotspot, or via a separately purchased (compatible) 4G dongle. This allows web surfing via pre-installed Google Chrome browser on device or else, to use Internet-based features of the respective apps.

RGB multicolor key illumination

With the RGB multicolor key illumination, the Radical device setup allows to match the key illumination color to suit the cockpit of the target vehicle. Or simply to set a personal color highlight in the cockpit, to suit one’s taste.

Splitscreen function

The Radical devices offer a split-screen function, for two apps to run side by side on the device screen. The operation is as provided by Android OS, where the limited screen real estate sometimes causes a slightly reduced scope of controls.
In general, practically all combinations of apps and sources to run in splitscreen mode are thinkable (except for the navigation package R-MAPC10, which was not conceived for this special operation mode and may thus misbehave).

Vehicle integration

The vehicle-specific Radical devices were developed to perfectly integrate into the target vehicle. The vehicle integration is model dependent, yet usually covers integration of the steering wheel remote control via CAN; connection to the multifunction display via CAN; connection to OE installed active sound systems; connection to the handbrake signal status or vehicle lighting status via CAN; and for some models connection to the climate control module via CAN.
Please refer to the individual product descriptions of the models for more detailed information on the supported vehicle integration functions of the individual devices.*1

Pre-installed apps (examples)

Torque App

The Torque app uses data of the vehicles OBD2 port, for processing available sensor data of the DME and some hardware modules via Bluetooth virtually in real time. If you are interested in the Torque app, look up the features of the App features on the Play Store. Depending on the vehicle brand and model, the status information may be a bit different. In order to use the Torque App on the device, a separately available OBD2 Bluetooth dongle (EML327) that connects to the OBD2 port, such as the item R-C10-OBD2, is required needed.*4

Google Chrome browser

The Google Chrome browser is preinstalled to allow a comfortable surfing on the Internet.

ES File Manager

 The ES File Manager is a simple tool for managing APK packages on the device.

Preparation for connecting a DVR camera*5

The Radical devices can be supplemented with an optional USB cam. The system image of the Radical devices feature an APK which transmits the video stream of the R-C10 USB cam via the USB input to the device while driving. The USB cam video data is stored in the HD video format (for which a separately purchased SD card with reasonable memory volume must be present in the device).

Integrated 4 x 45 Watt power amplifier

The vehicle-specific Radical devices have a monolithic class A/B TDA7388 amplifier chip, which can be used on four channels max. 45W output power brings. Noteworthy is certainly the clear and rich sound. The TDA7388 achieves this better result compared to other amp IC’s by its more comfortable distortion spectrum.

2x USB 2.0 port / 3x USB 2.0 port

The devices with 7 inch / 17.8 cm screen dimension come with two USB 2.0 ports for A/V file playback and iOS / Android smartphone connection or use with the EasyConnect app.
The device models with 10.1 inch / 25.7 cm screen size come with three USB 2.0 ports, upping the ante in favor of the user on the USB connectivity side.

Connection of a rear view camera

The Radical devices feature an input to connect a rear view camera. The RCA input can process CVBS signals from all popular aftermarket reversing camera models. For example, the Radical models R-C10-RV1 or -RV2 but also other models supplying a CVBS video signal. The reversing camera input and the CAM OSD is automatically controlled by the vehicle reverse signal.

A/V file compatibility

The hardware configuration in conjunction with the Android operating system ensures broad file compatibility for playback of different audio and video formats.
The USB ports support the video formats MPEG 1/2/4, H.263, H.264, AVI, MKV, WMV, RMVB, Android Video Format, Web Video and the audio formats MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, AC3 , OGG, FLAC, RM, Web audio etc.

12-band equalizer

With the graphic 12-band Equalizer you can tune the sound exactly to the specifics of your vehicle or your personal preferences. Optionally, you can also choose a pre-defined EQ profile for a quick and easy adjustment of the sound balance in the vehicle.

Charge current for Android smartphones

The Radical devices charge Android smartphones with 1A charging current. Device will provide 1A charge current to each connected smartphone no matter, if one or two smartphones are charged via the USB port(s).

Notes / Footnotes
*1 Vehicle integration functions are only supported if the CAN signals necessary for the function are present in the multimedia or Comfort CAN of the vehicle (model and model year dependent).

*2 Radical devices does not have direct access to the Google Play Store for downloading of apps due to licensing reasons (Play Store access requires GMS certification. Google does not offer GMS cert for embedded systems). The download and installation of apps must therefore be attempted manually.

*3 Compatibility with any Android / iOS smartphone cannot be guaranteed. Updates or version jumps of the Android / iOS smartphone OS may induce compatibility issues, where smartphone integration functions may expire or show restricted function for a certain period of time (until a software update can be rolled-out to cure the version jump incompatibilities).

*4 The R-C10-OBD2 dongle is not included in the set content of the Radical car specific infotainer devices.

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