Find the APK’s listed below available for download, for use with the following vehicle-specific RADICAL device models: R-C10AD1, R-C10AD2, R-C10BM1, R-C10BM2, R-C10BM3, R-C10BM4, R-C10OP2, R-C10SK1, R-C10VW1, R-C10VW2
Instructions fort he installation of APK’s: Tutorial Video (German), FAQs

GPS Test Plus – Check the GPS reception in your area, update AGPS data for faster sat fix times. Supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, SBAS, BEIDOU and QZSS satellites.
EasyConnection – EasyConnection is your driving assistant. This App integrates navigation, music, telephone and other functions on your smartphone, like your favorite third party applications. With the EasyConnection App on the device the screen of your mobile phone is projected on the device screen offering direct App control via device.

Torque – See what your car’s engine is doing in realtime, read-out fault codes, sensor data and more! Torque is an OBD II engine ECU diagnostics tool that works with an OBDII dongle to connect to your car’s OBD2 engine management system. (The OBD II dongle is not part of the set content).

RADICAL GPS – R-MAPC10 is an offline navigation system software, which was developed for use with use with car specific Radical devices. RADICAL GPS deploys map data of the digital map provider “Open Street Map”. The navigation package named R-MAPC10 is pre-installed on the NAND flash memory of each device and can be unlocked with an optionally available license key code.

R-C10-DAB – With the separately available Radical DAB+ tuner module R-C10-DAB you can easily and cost-effectively extend your Radical device with receiption of DAB+ digital radio programs in excellent audio quality and high comfort. The R-C10-DAB set offers perfect HMI integration also supporting the DAB” system comfort functions such as: MOT slideshow, Last Station Memory, Comfort Scan, DLS-text, DAB<>DAB service following.

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