GPS Navigation Software Package

  • is pre-installed on the NAND flash memory of every vehicle-specific Radical device
  • for T8 Infotainers
  • offline map data of the provider „Open Street Map”
  • map data of the RADICAL GPS package covers 47 European countries*1
  • 2-D map view with 3-D buildings
  • Smart “One Box” destination input function
  • Description
  • Key Features

RADICAL GPS by Ndrive - the modern offline navigation

The "RADICAL GPS by Ndrive" navigation package R-MAPC10 is pre-installed on the NAND flash memory of every vehicle-specific Radical device.
If you want to use the “RADICAL GPS powered by Ndrive” navigation software, you can do so by purchasing the R-MAPC10 package. The item itself contains a serial number for the activation of the navigation software on device and a printed user manual.

The RADICAL R-MAPC10 package has been tailored for the use with car-specific T8 infotainers. E.g. several optimizations were applied to guarantee best function with the RADICAL target devices.

The RADICAL GPS app uses digital offline map data of the provider "Open Street Map", which was subsequently checked and supplemented by professional additional services. The map data used by RADICAL differs from the free OSM maps by its improved data quality and still maintains an excellent price-performance ratio...

The map data of the RADICAL GPS package covers 47 European countries*1. Included in the package is an in-app update function to keep the card content up-to-date (free of charge) for three years.

RADICAL GPS offers a map view mode displaying roads with 3-D buildings and selectable map orientation – allowing the map to rotate freely following the road, or else with in fixed position with north direction facing up.
The clear presentation convinces with a deliberate reduction of screen elements to relax and ease the driver visually. Yet, the active route with the closer environment always stays in focus for a full overview at a short glance. Of high value in practical use are the integrated driving aids, which allow easy orientation in complex driving situations. For example, the motorway lane info or the speed warning indicating when the max. speed limit is exceeded – where the compass icon helps to maintain orientation. The route info provides information about the remaining distance in kilometers to destination, remaining time to destination and estimated time of arrival.

The modern system architecture also becomes evident by the smart "One Box" destination input mask. Free text can be entered into the box, similar to the use of an internet search engine. Thus the destination address input is no longer bound to a predetermined sequence (such as country, city, street, etc.) anymore.

Up-to-date is the operation of the map view via capacitive multi-touch display of the Radical devices. Using two fingers to rotate the map on the screen, pinch to zoom in or out and move the map section in any desired direction is truly practical.

Who wants to stopping for refueling, do some shopping on the way, park or eat and drink can conveniently rely on the "Explore places near you" function to receive suggestions of locations in close vicinity.

The speed cam App package* 2 for various Western European countries (with 3 years free update) rounds out the system and ensures totally relaxed driving.

  • RADICAL powered by Ndrive "Automotive navigation package R-MAPC10 with OSM map data and coverage of 47 European countries*1
  • Package is pre-installed (using up 6.9 GB) on internal NAND flash memory on all RADICAL car specific devices
  • HMI and voice guidance in various European languages*3
  • "Nearby places" database function suggesting places of various categories, providing detailed information (opening times, prices, descriptions, reviews and photos)
  • “Nearby places” e.g. all destinations can be marked as favorites
  • 2-D map view with 3-D buildings
  • Selectable map view with driving direction pointing forward or fixed map view oriented to north
  • Route planner function with display of the route overview to the destination
  • Route book showing full turn-by-turn instruction list
  • Display of remaining distance in km, driving distance in minutes and arrival time
  • Display of the cardinal points and abbreviated name of the actual road
  • Highway lane assist function and turn-by-turn instructions
  • Visual and audible speed warning function when exceeding maximum speed limit
  • Display of parking spaces in the vicinity
  • Smart "One Box" destination input function
  • "Nearby places" to suggest places where to eat and drink, for shopping, travel, art etc.
  • Integrated speed cam app*2 for various European countries (incl. 3 year updates free of charge)*2
  • 3 years OMS map content update (free of charge) via device in-app update function

Note: No TMC function.

  • *1Digital offline map data by Open Street Map for: 47 countries coverage, for Western and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
  • *2Speed cam App covering the following Western European countries: (including 3 years free in-app update)
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • *3RADICAL GSP language support: Route guidance by voice in the following langauges: German, Englisch, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

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