Car specific Infotainer for BMW 3-series

Innovative, vehicle-specific Android OS infotainer with capacitive 17.8cm/7“ touchscreen display. The R-C10BM1 is designed for BMW 3 Series vehicles and has 2 GB RAM and 32 GB flash memory. The RADICAL Infotainer allows the the installation of Android apps (open system OS setup) and features a very powerful CPU, equipped with the typical functions and features of this device category: e.g. FM RDS tuner with 36 station presets (FM1 and FM2 bands with each 18 stations), Bluetooth hands-free module with A2DP music streaming, EasyConnect integration for Android and iOS smartphones. The DAB+ tuner function can be retrofitted via an external module connecting to the USB port. Connected to vehicle electronics via CAN bus, the device supports vehicle brand- and model dependent comfort functions such as SWC remote control. The device operation is completely intuitive.
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  • Car specific Infotainer for BMW 3-series
  • Allwinner T8 CPU with 2GB RAM and 32GB Flash memory
  • Navigation function upgradable with R-MAPC10 bundle*1
  • Open System Android 7.1 OS. Offline installation of Android Apps*2
  • Capacitive 7in / 17.8cm 16:9 TFT touchscreen display with 1024 x 600p resolution
  • OSD menu in various EU languages (German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, etc.)
  • DAB+ tuner ready – via separately available DAB module R-C10-DAB
  • FM RDS radio with 36 pre-set stations (FM1 + FM2 Bands with 18 Preset Stations each)
  • Bluetooth hands-free module and A2DP music streaming
  • Integration and control of a rear view camera
  • Steering Wheel Control integration via CAN
  • EasyConnect integration for Android and iOS Smartphones
  • Ready for connection of a DVR camera *4
  • RGB multicolour key illumination
  • Integrated 4 x 45 watts amplifier
  • Integrated Wifi module (WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)

*1 The navigation bundle R-MAPC10 is not part of the set content of this device
*2 Direct access to the Google Play Store is not supported for licensing reasons
*3 The OBD2 Dongle R-C10-OBD2 is not part of the set content of this device
*4 Interface for universal USB type DVR cam models


  • iVT BC8 Bluetooth hands-free module
  • Synchronization of 1000 phone book contacts and 3 numbers each
  • Search function for phone book contacts
  • A2DP BT-Music Streaming with iD3-tag and AVRCP 1.3


  • DVD loader – compatible media/formats: CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, DVD, DVD±R, DVD-MP3, AVI, Xvid
  • 2x USB 2.0 port for A/V file playback and (Android) smartphone connection
  • A2DP BT-music streaming with AVRCP 1.3
  • 12-Band graphical Equalizer with 8 sound-pre-sets


  • Steering wheel remote control integration via CAN
  • Active soundsystem integration


  • 4.2 RCA pre-outs (3V)
  • 1x RCA A/V input for audio and video signals (CVBS)
  • 1x RCA input for auto switching rear view camera signal (CVBS)
  • 2x USB 2.0 port for Android smartphones with 1A charging current
BMW3-series, SedanE46/41998 > 2005
BMW3-series, CoupéE46/21999 > 2006
BMW3-series, ConvertibleE46/2C1999 > 2006
BMW3-series, TouringE46/31999 > 2005
BMW3-series, M3 CoupéE46/2S2000 > 2006
BMW3-series, M3 ConvertibleE46/2S2001 > 2006

Compatibility Disclaimer:

  • Vehicles with OE mounted sat nav system require an additional harness. This harness must be routed from the device backside (center console) to the respective connector in the trunk of the vehicle. The cable harness item number is N-RC10BM3-ISO.
  • Vehicles featuring a vehicle connector in the center console without RR and LR pins for the speaker wires are not supported.
  • CAN data based vehicle integration:
Main Device Type
Car specific infotainerYes
Vehicle compatibilityBMW 3er Series - see separate vehicle compatibility list
Vehicle function integrationvia UART / CAN Interface
Installation type2 DIN housing body
Mainboard Core Hardware + OS
CPU ProcessorAllwinner T8, 1.6GHz ARM Cortex A7 OctaCore
RAMSamsung DDR3, 2GB
Flash MemorySamsung, 32GB
Operation SystemAndroid 7.1
GPS Hardware
GPS Receiver Front EndUblox G7020-KT
GPS Antenna Voltage3.3V
Display Screen + TFT LCD Panel
TFT Type7" / 17.8 cm cm LCD, 1024*600p resolution, WVGA screen aspect ratio and LED illumination
Capacitive Touch ScreenYes, multigesture capable for native navigation SW
Display Brightness AdjustmentYes
DVD Loader
Pick-UpSanyo HD860XC
MPEG Decoder ICSunplus 8202TQ
Compatible Disc + File FormatsAVI/DVD/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/MP3/CD/CD-RW/JPEG
iVT Bluetooth ModuleBC8
Built-in Microphone in the control panelYes
Hands Free Function SupportBluetooth 3.0 profile
A2DP BT Audio StreamingYes, with AVRCP 1.3
Built-in MicrophoneYes
Phonebook Import FunctionYes
Phonebook Contact SearchYes
Connect Code1234 - Name: RADICAL
Bluetooth Contact SharingYes
External Microphone SupportYes
FM Tuner
HardwareNXP Lithio TEF6686
FM Frequency Range87.5 MHz > 108.0 MHz
Radio Stations36 FM station presets (2 Bands of 18 stations each)
Built-In RDS Radio Receiver FunctionYes
Radio Frequency RegionEurope
DAB+ Tuner
HardwareSeparately available DAB+ module > R-C10-DAB
Wifi Module
HardwareRealtek BL-8188-EU1 Module
ProtocolIEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Transmission Frequency2.400 GHz > 2.484 GHz
RF Power15dBm
OBD-II Interface
Support of ELM327 Chipset ProtocolYes, via Bluetooth and Wifi
Audio + Multimedia
Internal 4CH amplifier ICSt Microelectronics TDA7388
Max. power OutputInternal 4CH amp with 4x45W
Graphic Equalizer12-Band EQ and 8 selectable presets > "Normal", "Jazz", "Pop", Classical", "Rock", "News", Urban", "Techno"
Supported Digital Audio FormatsMP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, AC3, OGG, FLAC, RM, Web audio etc.
Supported Digital Video Formats (USB/SD)MPEG 1/2/4, H.263, H.264, AVI, MKV, WMV, RMVB, Android videos formats, Web video
Support Video OutputYes, for all Video Sources
Supported Digital Picture FormatsJPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF
USB/SD Memory AddressingUSB port/microSD card reader up to 64GB of memory. (Function with external HDD's is not guaranteed)
Active OE amplifier supportYes, via CAN interface
Input & Output
4.2CH Line outYes, via RCA > 3 V signal level
USB 2.0 PortsTwo USB inputs with 1000mA charging current each
AUX Audio/Video inputYes, stereo audio via RCA, video CVBS signal (NTSC) 1V p-p, 75 Ohm via RCA
Input for Rear View CameraYes, PAL / NTSC auto-switching
FM Antenna IputYes, ISO connector, 50 Ohm
Subwoofer OutputYes, via RCA > 3 V signal level
GPS Antenna InputYes
Firmware- / Software UpdateYes, via USB port
Boot LogoRadical logo, customizable via App
Multicolor sensor-/hardkey illuminationRGB LED, free selection of key illumination color, 256 color shades
WallpaperUser selectable / customizable
Built-In System Clock DisplayYes
Menu Language85 Android System languages, incl. English/Spanish/French/German/Portuguese/Italian/Russian/Turkish/Norwegian/etc.
Smartphone Headunit InterfaceEasyconnect App, supporting screen mirroring for iOS smartphones. Dual protocol with App control via TS for Android smartphones
Auto Memory FunctionYes
Power SupplyDC12V, negative Ground
Max Working Current≤15A

Coming soon

AW: Go to Apps -> Settings -> Vehicle settings -> Factory settings and enter code 0120.
ATTENTION! If the device is reset to factory settings, all preinstalled and self-installed apps will be deleted. The pre-installed apps have to be manually reinstalled.
The APKs for the pre-installed apps can be found at:


AW: Unfortunately, there is no provision for the use of Google services or Google applications due to the required Google Mobile Services license for so-called in-car embedded devices. Official licensing can only be achieved with smartphones and tablets. If you subsequently install the Play Store or other Google applications, the device functionality may be partially or completely lost. In this case it is recommended to restore the factory settings (see corresponding FAQ).

AW: As Google services or Google applications are not required for in-car systems due to the required Google license in Europe, you will not be able to use these programs. However, you can install alternative programs to use YouTube or other applications.

AW: You can use the APK installation app or File Explorer for offline APK installation. To do this, download the APK application to your computer, copy the APK file to a USB stick, connect the USB flash drive to your device, install the application using the APK installation app or File Explorer. You can also download the APK application directly to your device. To do this, you must connect the device to the Internet.

AW: Press and hold the icon of the app you want to uninstall until a trashcan pops up, then drag the app’s icon to the trashcan until it’s red. Now you will be asked if the app should be uninstalled. Tap OK to uninstall or Cancel to exit.

AW: Please note that the installation of root apps and other system tools or even hacker tools is at your own risk. Such tools can contain malware, viruses, or can alter system settings in a way whereupon module components of the device do no longer function and a factory reset or SW reinstall is not possible or won’t help. For devices that are subject to such manipulations, the warranty coverage is void (repair or SW reinstall can only be performed at cost). In addition, Radical will not provide any support for devices that had apps of the above categories installed.

AW: Yes, it is possible to install another browser. If you can not start Chrome, you probably tried to install the Google Play Store or Google services first. If you want to continue using Chrome, reset the device to factory settings and reinstall the Google Chrome APK on the device.

AW: Yes the installation of an alternative Android Launcher is possible, the installation is done via APK file.

AW: Since an incorrect format of the bootlogo may result in partial or complete loss of device functionality, changing the animated and static bootlogos is not possible.

AW: After the first start of the device, the device initialization process and the installation of system programs are executed. In this case, you must restart the device. Turn off the ignition for 10 seconds (the off-delay in the settings should be off) and then turn the power back on. After the device reboots, the initialization process is complete and the applications of the device are displayed correctly.

AW: Yes, the device has a switch-off delay function, which can be selected in the settings under Apps -> Settings -> Vehicle settings -> Switch-off delay 10/30/60 minutes. This means that after the ignition is switched off, the device switches to standby mode (as when pressing the power button) and remains in standby mode for the preset time. During the set period, the device is ready for use within a few seconds.

AW: Yes, the split screen mode can be activated via the task manager. Open both apps that you want to use in split-screen mode, then go to the Task Manager. Now drag the one app with your finger to the left side and release it, then select the second app on the right side.

AW: Yes, that’s an effect of the deployed LCD IPS technology. Devices that are operated in the start screen for a long time will show ghosting especially if device is switched to a bright OS background page. The effect is therefore directly related to the design of the graphical user interface. High-contrast graphics will show “ghosting” when switching over to bright on-screen backgrounds. In the LCD terminology, the effect is known as “Image Persistance”. The effect itself is fully reversible, i.e. the ghosting disappears when device gets switched off for several hours.

AW: On the device there is a “customized Android operating system for embedded systems”, which is based on the 7.1 version.

AW: To manage files, the file explorer “ES File Manager” is preinstalled on the Radical device.

AW: Yes, the device has a RGB multicolor button illumination. The color of the button illumination can be set in the Radical Device Setup to suit the target vehicle. Or you can set an individual color accent with the button illumination.

AW: Software updates can be found on our support page under Device Software Update:


AW: Yes, the existing Bluetooth module enables convenient hands-free operation with a telephone book. Import of up to 1000 contacts a per three numbers, contact search after first letter and offers an editable favorites menu

AW: Enable Bluetooth and visibility on the smartphone. Open the Bluetooth app in the Radical device. Touch the magnifying glass to find the SP. Touch the name of the SP on the Radical device. The SP now appears on the SP. Enter 0000 or 1234.

AW: Make sure that BT is enabled on your phone and your phone is also visible to other devices.

AW: Yes, this is possible by opening the settings under Bluetooth and adjusting the code.

AW: Please check whether a switch-off delay function is activated, as the device automatically searches for and connects the phone at boot time. You can also connect the device manually in the BT settings.

AW: To import the phonebook to the device, this must be enabled in the Bluetooth settings of your phone.

AW: Yes, after the pairing process, you can tap the BT Music tab and play the music tracks.

AW: There is no possibility of sorting.Was ist EasyConnection?

AW: With EasyConnection, the screen content of an Android smartphone can be mirrored and operated via USB on the device. Via WiFi, iPhones as well as Android smartphones can be reflected on the device, the operation of the smartphone is then via the touch screen of the connected smartphone. This allows you to use your apps installed on your smartphone on your Radical device.

Note: Compatibility with any Android / iOS smartphone can not be guaranteed. Due to a software version update of the Android / IOS software, the compatibility with the smartphone may expire or be restricted for a certain period of time (until an EasyConnection SW update is published).


AW: In the device main operating instructions.

AW: Yes, Radical's internal Wi-Fi module can access the Internet via Wifi Router.

AW: Yes, you can enable the hotspot on your smartphone and connect your device to the hotspot.

AW: The vehicle-specific Radical device models have been designed to integrate perfectly into the cockpit of the target vehicle. The vehicle integration includes e.g. but also the connection to the steering wheel remote control via CAN; Connection to the multifunction display via CAN; Connection to active sound systems ex works; Connection to the handbrake signal status and the vehicle lighting status via CAN; Connection to the climate control module via CAN. Please refer to the product descriptions of the models for more detailed information on the depth of vehicle integration of the particular device.

Note: Vehicle integration functions are only supported if the CAN signals required for the function are present in the multimedia or comfort CAN of the vehicle (this depends on the model and, in some cases, the model year).

AW: Often yes, but unfortunately the display of information on the MFA display is only partly or not possible on some vehicle models.

AW: All vehicle-specific Radical devices support the original factory-fitted steering wheel remote control.

AW: Yes. To do this, you must disable this feature in the advanced settings.

From the main screen, select Apps, then Settings, then Auto Settings, and then

Touch Advanced Settings. Now the code 998877 must be entered.

Please be careful with the settings in this menu, because otherwise the device may u. in case of incorrect entries is no longer usable and, if necessary, could also be damaged.

AW: No, sorting is not possible with the pre-installed Music Player, as this is determined by the date and time of copying.

AW: Yes, that is possible and then you can sort by different criteria, such as: Eg artist, album, title, etc ...

AW: The USB ports support the video formats MPEG 1/2/4, H.263, H.264, AVI, MKV, WMV, RMVB, Android Video Format, Web Video and the audio formats MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV , AC3, OGG, FLAC, RM, Web Audio etc.


 AW: Yes, that works. The charging current is 1 ampere.

AW: Please note that the transport screws on the unit must be removed before inserting a disc.

AW: No. To restart the device, you must turn off the ignition for 10 seconds (the off-delay in the settings must be disabled) or use the Reset button. The power button only turns off the display while the device continues to operate in standby mode (like a smartphone / tablet).

AW: This can happen when you use the Back button in Music / Radio / etc. Press application. In this case, please use the Home button to change the application.Mein

AW: To see the quick settings, swipe down from the top of the screen.

AW: Please note that the antenna must be supplied with power, e.g. via an external phantom power adapter. Also check the FM reception settings, such as Ex. DX, LOC, REG, etc., as these also affect the reception of your radio.

AW: The aftermarket offers a range of higher price antenna diversity adapters which provide a better FM reception by optimization of the antenna gain. Such an interface will squeeze out the maximum possible signal level of an existing 2CH diversity antenna setup. An example of such an interface is the article 204.085-0 from PMA Mobile. https://www.rta-mobile.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=212999

AW: No. The supplied microphone can only be used parallel to the built-in internal microphone in the device.

AW: Yes. The accessory includes a cinch cable with two video outputs for CVBS signals. All information from your device will be displayed on the additional monitors.


AW: 7 inch / 17.8 cm screen size devices have two USB ports.

Device models with 10.1 inch / 25.7 cm screen size have three USB 2.0 ports.


AW: The Radical devices have an input for rear view cameras. The RCA input can process CVBS signals from all popular rear view camera models of the aftermarket. The reversing camera is automatically controlled by the reverse signal.

AW: In order to receive DAB + digital radio, you must purchase Radical's additional DAB + module R-C10-DAB.

AW: You can buy a standard Bluetooth OBD2 dongle. After installing the dongle, the use of the Torque app is possible. Please note that the status information via OBD2 port can be very different depending on the vehicle model and brand.

AW: The Radical devices can be supplemented with an optional USB Cam. In the system image of the Radical devices is an APK available, which transmits the video stream of the R-C10 USB Cam via the USB input while driving on the device. The shots in the direction of travel are stored in HD video format on a separately purchased SD card.

AW: The unlock code for the pre-installed navigation software R-MAPC10 can be purchased through the trade.

AW: For the instruction manuals and installation instructions, go to:


Accessories (optional):
R-C10-DAB, DAB Tuner Set with antenna for windshield mounting

R-MAPC10, GPS Navigation Software Package

R-C10-DAB, DAB Tuner Set
R-MAPC10, GPS Navigation Software

Function Highlights:

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